If you like games in the fighting game genre, then you should pay attention to a new project called Zombie Deathmatch, where the player will have to win the championship in the League of zombies.

The game’s plot tells about the future of the planet, but rather about the year 2036. An advanced serum that has turned many people into dangerous zombies controlled by an evil genius Papa Rainbow. This tyrant has collected a countless army equipped to the teeth of walking dead to deal with those who still retains human form. The player will assume the role of commander of the zombie-fighters who are members of matches.

The campaign includes a lot of battles in the arenas, which are divided into 4 leagues. A bloody fight against Crow Clown and Hannibal’s must be accompanied by the correct application of the abilities of the zombie fighters. Choosing the winning strategy – the main goal of the player. For the final battle with the boss, you must carefully prepare and improve armor and weapons.Download ZOMBIE DEATHMATCH

Control of the game occurs at the expense of combinations, allowing different techniques. From the top of the screen is the health bar of enemies, for which it is important to follow.

Specific fighting game has three dimensional graphics and excellent animation. Amazing effects with bloody injuries, qualitatively traced locations, thematic tracks – all this contributes to the atmosphere of horror and fear.

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