Stickman Battlefields

Stickman Battlefields– is an interesting game about the painted man, who went to war. Here you will be given a machine and will be sent on various tasks, so if you are interested to play in this, feel free to download.

Because the quality of the graphics very powerful, rich colors and special effects help immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game. There is also the opportunity to play with your friends online or to pass single-player campaign.

So it’s up to you, but I want to cancel that game really interesting and exciting.Banana Kong for android

Real battle with real players

Thanks to its unique atmosphere of battle, you can feel it with every cell of the body, what to visit in battle. There are destructible objects, falling trees or other objects. The office is also very convenient, at the beginning of the game will show you the workout that you are able to learn and understand how there is need to fight with the enemies.
Also advantage is that it does not represent serious demands to internal system resources. In other words, you will be able to install and play it even on older smartphones or tablet computers. It is for this and many players appreciate this arcade. The developers tried to do everything in their power so we can start downloading it right now. Embark on an adventure and defeat all the villains in this game.


In the end, Stickman Battlefields – a unique opportunity to become drawn fighter. Play a really interesting and fun, so you have all opportunities to do this. Do not waste your time, start playing right now.

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