If you like the game sports theme, then I suggest a fun game, whereby the player can perform incredible stunts on a snowboard and on skis.

A simple story to introduce the tourist who came to ride in the winter resort. But by coincidence finds himself in the middle of bad weather – a huge avalanche. The element for a few minutes broke home to rest and already gets to Sven.

Task – to save the hero, but it needs to go down to the beginning of the mountains. In the process of the descent, the character will do about 300 crazy stunts, and also to communicate with animals who also want to stay alive. SKI SAFARI 2The feature is that animals also perform their tricks and I can ride on the back of the hero or awesome the vehicle.

Raging nature prepares for the character of the various obstacles in the form of barricades and dangerous rocks, so it is advisable to use different accelerators.

But if you like to play a team, and in this case the game will be, because it has a multiplayer mode, through which you can arrange a competition with friends over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

For jumping and rappelling through the mountains, you need to tap the screen to make your hero did various stunts. Long press allows you to use flips and other spectacular moves.

Adorable graphics, smooth animations, gorgeous locations, superb background music will appeal to all fans of sports games.

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