Showbox App Update Not Working, Server Not Available

Welcome fans of the app Showbox. It is a great joy that we developed this unique application. I myself like to spend a few hours watching your favorite TV shows using Showbox. And a huge thank you to the developers.

But only if the use of this program encounter a number of problems is not pleasant. And that’s one of them I want to speak today, and to tell you how to solve them.

Last time when using Showbox throws the error “the Server is not available or the update does not work”
And of course it can not fail to enrage, because we are all so used to using this priliene.

There are two ways out of this problem:
Wait until the developers fix it or bypass the problem by.

Showbox App Update Not Working, Server Not Available

I’ll give you the solution to this problem with Showbox not only for Android system, but also for Showbox for PC.
It is actually much easier than it seems.

The video is not available, try another server

Showbox App Update Not Working

This problem occurs only with new movies that have been uploaded on the servers of the app Showbox. The problem can be solved as follows – Simply update the app Showbox.

Showbox App

Next you need to clear data/ CACHE on your Android. The phone, find the option Settings> Apps> Click on Showbox and click to clean CACHE


This is your problem with the video is not available error should be resolved.
I think that soon we will not see this problem anymore. We contacted the developer with a request to fix it. We were given the answer that they are already working on this and soon Showbox app will work in a regular mode.

I hope I have helped you, and the article was useful. Share it with your friends on social networks, maybe they don’t know how to solve this problem and just waiting for a miracle.

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  1. Roger Newman

    I have used Showbox for many months wonderful app, however nothing but trouble recently. I have tried all of the advise clear data & cache, install the updates. I have uninstalled and reinstalled until I am giddy it’s not working at all now when I start a download it appears to have closed and I get the home screen but when I open the open apps screen its there but not downloading anything. I have tried alternatives Megabox HD, Newest Movies HD and Playbox HD. I have these on my tablet and PC none of them work anymore. Showbox in my view is the best of the bunch being really user friendly and has features that the others do not offer. But please, please get it fixed.

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