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The Android operating system has long suffered from a lack of applications that could be open in a small separate floating window, and therefore it is no wonder that the first programs of this type have been encountered by users with huge enthusiasm.
Since then the Play Store has many applications which uses the concept of pop-up, floating Windows to be resized. And the most popular among users is the class of window applications like video players. If you are still not decided on the choice of the most appropriate player that can be run simultaneously with other applications, today I want to introduce another new product: Popcorn Player.

Like all the above-mentioned applications, the Popcorn Player can run in a separate floating window, which you can change at its discretion, to set to full screen and minimize.

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The program works fine on tablets and phones with operating system Android version 3.0 Honeycomb and higher. The application in separate Windows allows you to start playback of different video files, whether it is a movie recorded on memory card or streaming video from Youtube.
Popcorn Player supports playback of video in format MP4 and WebM, the size of the window can be changed as a standard zoom gesture simultaneously in width and height and each side separately.

The app keeps track of the last position of each video played and when it is free does not irritate user by showing ads.

Another advantage of the Popcorn Player is its simplicity. You won’t get lost in the wilds of the settings menu and the navigation menu. All you need to do is tap on the application start icon, select the video source (the Internet or internal memory) and enjoy the view. Of course every player window you can move around the screen, resize and minimize as needed. To switch to full screen mode, just double tap anywhere on the player window.

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The app has been tested on tablets and phones, and we can confirm that it works quite well. However, from the point of view of possibilities, the Popcorn Player app still have a way to go to catch up to most of its competitors. The lack of support for common video formats and a native YouTube browser, minimal control over video playback, are some of the disadvantages that we would like to see fixed in the next update of the program.

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