MX Player pro for Android

MX Player Pro for Android is one of the most popular and well known video players.

The developers of this mobile app has put a lot of effort to make it elegant and superior in ease of use. In their effort also included the development of performance on many processor architectures, such as ARMv6 and ARMv7. The distinctive ability is that the player himself will determine what is your processor and will indicate what codec is necessary for full functioning, select it in the Google Play Market and You will it is just download and install.Download MX Player

And further already a trick. He is capable of playing most popular video formats, from 3GP, to MKV, to their considerable list. At the same time, developers are not limited only to playback the video player can also play most
audio formats.

For this, the people began to appreciate it more because at first I thought the list of features of this app are limited to viewing the video. Surprisingly, the player is able to play back network stream. Now it is time to introduce You to the application settings in order for the future was easy to use player.

Download MX Player for android

Some features of MX Player Pro:

– Multi-core decoding. This player – first kind of the representative on Android that performs multi-core decoding. As shown by tests on dual-core devices, it showed up to 70 % performance gain compared to single-core decoding
Player supports online sources and streams. In other words, you get access to online flash video and enjoy them at your leisure
– There is a software and hardware decoders. Because of this allowed the lion’s share of the problems associated with video playback. If the video failed to open, the app itself will recommend to use another decoder and the defect will disappear.
– Fully no ads
– Subtitle support, their rapid movement, editing position
– Four options for displaying video: cropping, filling, scale and stretching


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