Ghost in Cam Pro

A unique program for your smartphone which will allow you to perform interesting pictures and also record videos with the participation of not only those people who are in front of the lens of your camera.

From the title it is clear that there will be some Ghost in the chamber, which each user can create their own, you will have to dig into the settings, to choose exactly what you need and feel free to press the focus button and opening the lens shutter.

With the help of this program you can create ghosts in the background of those people or objects which are photographed person on your mobile phone, it can amuse the whole company when the photographer would show them that picture that got him.Ghost in Cam Pro

Huge selection of bloody and terrible frames, framing, strange ghosts, as well as cars, motorbikes and other objects that can be inserted into the photo.
When shooting video it will be possible to control the movements of the object in the background, it will give you the ability to create realistic imagery that will burn to scare everyone.

The developers suggest that you first test the free version of this program before you upgrade to full and unrestricted version.

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