Game for android Summoners

The RPG genre never loses its relevance, as it focused on the impressive gaming audience that can’t imagine life without these mobile apps on android, as The Summoners. Developers are again asked to make a journey in the fantasy world, to assemble companions and to begin the destruction of the monsters in a nearby dungeon. Are you ready for risks?

Say no to long learning

If you have played RPGs in the game, you know that application developers sin too tedious and time-consuming training for several levels. No skip or end prematurely fail. However, the authors of this project decided nicely to please the gaming audience and showed the minimum of hints.Download Hay Day

For the first five minutes you will be able to participate in battles, open maps with several characters who will become your allies, and also to clear out a few dungeons. The education in the game on android is accompanied by a minimum review and dialogues, which significantly saves your time.

A classic of the genre

Unfortunately, The striking differences Summoners on this end. The application itself is a classical RPG where you should earn money to protect the locations from monsters, fight monsters and not to forget about finding more powerful cards. In rare cases, cards you can collect yourself in the presence of rare components, in other cases – buy for real money or 10,000 gold coins.

The characters demand attention and ammunition. Learning new spells, increase characteristics and buy equipment – it all rests on your shoulders, as head of the group. Throughout the game on android you can get access to a large number of cards, however simultaneously you should think about the rational flow of funds: gold is mined long enough and spend on hasty purchases not worth it.

The results

The Summoners is a classic of the genre with their advantages and disadvantages. If you like boring fights where your involvement is minimized, as well as regular cleaning of the dungeons until complete exhaustion of energy account, then this app you enjoy.

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