Game Alien Creeps TD

Alien Creeps TD is an interesting game in the genre of “turrets” or as our overseas friends a “Tower Defense”. This time our world was attacked by evil aliens who want to conquer our planet and destroy humanity.

What they will do to the planet in the future is not important because we will be gone. So you have to defend the borders of our civilization. You will be entrusted with the defense of most important military facilities and you won’t miss a single wave of aliens.alien creeps td android

Defending the human civilization

For this purpose you can use such as defense towers: machine-gun nest, laser unit, missile launcher, infantry, and even superheroes. Proven long battle veterans, will be able to help in the critical moments of the battle, so use them wisely. No need to immediately throw them into battle and wasting precious resource.

The meaning of the game is that aliens are attacking you in waves and you need to get past you was not one of the invaders. For this you need a well placed defensive towers, that alone could slow down the enemy and others of his at this point could destroy it.alien creeps td

The genre of these games are very popular currently, so a huge number of players around the world happy to have this strategy and discourage the home planet of alien invaders.

The results

In the end, Alien Creeps TD is an interesting strategy game in which you have to build defensive towers. This is to ensure that none of the aliens are not slipped past you. Because at stake is the fate of all mankind. So gather all your strength and knowledge.

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