Game ALCHEMIX for android

Alchemix – a game for those who like logic puzzles, in which the player must learn the secrets of alchemy.

The story will tell about the experiment that was conducted in the tower of the alchemist and one ended very badly. The assistant broke the test tube with the reagent, causing it became a horrible, hairy monster. Now you need to save and to return to human form, but you need to study the alchemical world and create a magic crystal.

The player will have to go through many unique levels with unique traps and all sorts of complicated mechanisms that will hinder perform the task.ALCHEMIX for android

Each puzzle is created on the basis of realistic fluid that resembles mercury. The droplet can interact with objects that are activated upon contact. The main goal is to send the liquid in the tank. The complexity is due to the fact that the mechanisms are complemented by laser devices and elements that heat up and promote evaporation of mercury.

In addition, the game has a timer that allows for the passing on 3 stars. Therefore, experiments should be carried out very quickly. For complex tasks you can use various bonuses.

To control you need to tilt the device in different directions so that the drops reached the tank. The top panel is with bonuses.

Attractive location, three-dimensional graphics, vivid special effects, amazing music tracks – all this only adds to the magical

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