Dude Perfect 2 for android

The company Miniclip has prepared all sports fans a new project called Dude Perfect 2. If you are bored and have nothing to do, the company windup of guys ready to please you with unusual entertainment: street basketball.

Only there will be no grounds, other players and some rules, because the main task of each user is to throw balls into the basket and make the least mistakes. However, why this basketball will be extreme?

Extreme everywhere

As a classic basketball dominates the gaming industry solely for the apps on android premium, the developers at Miniclip decided to diversify the familiar gameplay and unusual flow.Download Hay Day

As in other analogues, in order to throw the ball in the basket, users need to choose the height, direction and power of throw. If is true to guess with these parameters, the first of the ten balls at once will be in the basket, and you’ll rest on our laurels of the winners. The first few levels just sharpened the fact that the players were trained in the application on Android and got used to the controls. And then the real fun begins…

Dude Perfect 2 offers to play in an unusual basketball. Users will travel to different cities of the world and the most unusual dreams: airport, streets, shopping centers and more. The baskets will be few and their locations are always subject to change, so don’t be surprised if you have to throw balls in different directions and break various obstacles, because that’s the essence of the new title.


The game looks like the game bright, catchy and interesting. The developers have made every effort to make their project impressed from the first minute in the game and can say that they have it good. Despite the 2D graphics, there are a lot of details and light textures at the expense of what the product looks quality and is able to please you with smooth animation and work without any glitches. Even present physics, since after the destruction of the wall of ice, the ball will fly significantly slower and nekotnei than before.

The results

Dude Perfect 2 – awesome game for those who prefer the sporty and high-quality arcades.

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