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VideoMix for Android

Movies online VideoMix for Android – With this app you can watch interesting movies, best TV shows, cartoons, and favorite TV shows absolutely for free online.

Often by the will of fate we have to be away from home and his personal computer. And watch your favorite TV shows and movies you want. Here for such cases, and established a program for android called Video Mix!

This app is a great aggregator for online viewing of various videos. Running the application, the user automatically goes into the category of “New”, where the latest added TV series, movies, cartoons, etc. And they are added with a variety of specialized resources, where the data is actually downloaded when you are viewing (such as youtube, vk, filmix, ekranka and many others).VideoMix

Using swipe you can navigate through the program sections. Shipnow right, you will be taken to the catalog where you can pick up a movie for your taste, using different filters (by genre, year of release, title, country). Favorite section is next, here you can put favorite movies/TV shows, etc, to later go back and revise them. Further partition of your active downloads.

Sorry, but the film, the app user will see it description, year, Director, actors and the cover. Just below is a bar with various buttons (first to find existing torrents for this film (requires pre-installed torrent client), another for the disclosure of the list of actors, when you click on a particular offer his entire track record available in the application, the third opens the corresponding page on IMDb, the fourth sorts the sources to view, and the fifth is used to add to favorites.

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It should be noted that in this program, unlike others, there are almost always several alternatives, with some resource to make the movie (let’s say уvk иyoutube have the ability to switch video quality, while others do not). There is a review tab, where you can learn or leave your own review. Comfortable thought and the ability to search similar movies/series.

Summary: Video Hotline online cinema. May come in handy on the road, so to lead outdoors or Hiking


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