Download Showbox for iPhone or iPad

Showbox for iPhone / iPad

Today we will see how to install showbox for iPhone or iPad. It’s a shame that developers today a very popular app showbox not had the idea to develop showbox not only for the platforms Android and iPhone or iPad.

Fortunately thought of other app developers and have created a complete analogue of the Showbox.

Now let’s look at all the details.

For those who think that it is unessential to pay for movies, especially to watch them on mobile devices is not the best option just yet and will need a service  MovieBox. In fact it is a kind of library of free content, access to which is based on the BitTorrent technology. The developers compiled a catalogue of popular movies that you can watch in the app and can be downloaded to your device.

Showbox for iPhone

In order to use MovieBox not need to expose your iPhone or iPad the jailbreak procedure as it could be useful in similar services. Since the application acts as directory of films and as a player, problems with playback of content should arise. Just run the application, select the desired material in the library, noting the quality of the picture and click “Watch Now” and then begin the broadcast of the film.

To install on your iPhone or iPad MovieBox required:

To install it, however, have to do some simple manipulation, as officially in the App store app is not available, for obvious reasons. So, what you need to do:

  1. Go to the Settings app on your iOS device.
  2. Select General date and time.
  3. Turn off automatic time setting and set your clock to September 16 or earlier.Showbox for iPad
  4. Open Safari and click on the link
  5. Click on the green button (Download).
  6. Confirm the installation of the new application.
  7. After installing the app run it the first time. If you do not do this before transferring time ago, Movie Box will not start next time.
  8. Set the time back (Settings — General — date and time — Automatically).

After launching the app you will be available a structured catalog of several categories: Movies, Series and Music videos. All this “good” is taken by the authors of the program, so direct links to torrent you add will not be able to, only watch from the proposed sets.

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Among other things, before watching you can choose available video quality (low, medium, or high) and even download it to your device