Download Riptide GP

The creators of Hydro Thunder Hurricane for Xbox 360 has decided to please owners of mobile devices with Android operating system and released Riptide GP, representing the great aquatic race.

Your bike is already loaded with water and just untwist it and go conquer the water spaces of rivers and canals, enjoying whizzing by.

Speed and tricks are your faithful companions on the way through the stream of foam and spray. Daring turns and a lot of pleasure from the heady feeling of freedom.

Download Riptide GP

The game is very realistic physics of water, excellent three-dimensional graphics, and the equipment and the surrounding landscapes are simply amazing in its detail. The controls are very simple and deal with it will not be difficult.

You will have access to a choice of twelve tracks and six great water bikes. You can choose among race modes, championship and hot lap. Performing tricks helps to develop greater speed, is also available with interactive racing acceleration.

Riptide GP

It is possible to fight for time with friends, and the best results will be listed on the scoreboard. OpenFeint Is Supported.

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