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Initially produced Mio video recorders combine with the navigators, even produced special tablets for healthcare professionals, equipped with special features to aid them in their work.

No wonder that some of them you might not meet in everyday life, but finally they released something that helped them to descend from the heavens to the nationan electronic bracelet that measures heart rate and helps to control other gadgets, and with the help of gestures.

Bracelets, smart watches and so are very popular today, and now appeared the Mio GO app, which will help you be more productive exercise, based on pre-defined targets and parameters. mio go android
The idea here is quite simple, put the app on your smartphone via Bluetooth always see everyone to the bracelet and go! Everything else (except for the activity), the application will do for you! Interestingly, the application can work even with a wristband Mio Velo, so the sport to the masses, spring has come Features of the Mio GO app:

– there is a training mode which will allow you to define your rhythms, and you understand what you need
– a large number of interesting and useful settings
– detailed training statistics
– set goals for each day and follow the results
– adjust the operation of the LEDs on the bracelet
– measure the speed and other parameters
– the application allows you to monitor the battery charge the bracelet
– the application is completely free, no ads, no donation

The disadvantages of the Mio GO app:
– unfortunately, at the moment the developers have not made work correctly on all devices, but the app is pretty fresh, so it’s worth to wait a bit

Summary: not considering alternative applications that are likely to work with the bracelets from this company this app is a very useful software which is essential for everyone who is seriously involved in sports, so if you have a bracelet from this company necessarily try!

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