Download Earn to Die 2 for Android

We will remind those who have forgotten or have not played in the first part of this game. The creators brought us in a post-apocalyptic world ruled by zombies only which you want to destroy your car and upgrade it to be pumped.

The game has a certain plot. Every time you go to your car, then mostly may be considered as a last. And once you signal in the surviving lines, there is a rescue ship, but to reach it, you need to go to the other end of the country. Download the app on the website.

Earn to Die 2 for Android
Earn to Die 2 is a game in which day may be repeated, as you will return to the same place to earn money for upgrade car. Pumping the car, every time you bring yourself to the coveted place – to rescue the ship. The game is very wide variety of cars from jeeps to sports cars.

You can upgrade any part of a car – the engine, gas tank, transmission and more. New cars become available every time you pass a certain distance. You can make money very easy, but it can be accelerated if to invest real money.

Earn to Die 2
The main difference from the first part – the increase in the total company, will continue its much longer than it seems at first glance. The game changes scenery, but not as much as the road. Has been redone destructible cars, it can stop whenever a component is out of order. And, of course, the levels themselves become more attractive, because they go in various ways – flyover, tunnels, and more.

Everything else remains the same, all the same zubodrobilnye, dynamism and fun. Download app Earn to Die 2 on our website.

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