Download Dub Music Player for Android

Many people love to have the opportunity to listen to music on their mobile device whenever and wherever they want. Someone carries in a pocket player (it is either staunch music lovers and there is such a gadget a lot, or Vice versa, retroman who oppose progress).

Someone listening to music on your smartphone. But we all understand that music on the smartphone is reproduced through not the best sound card – it is embedded in the housing together with lots of other irons that take place, and the result is a very average sounding. What here might be the solution? Quite simple, actually. Only need to do all that is possible with the help of software.Dub Music Player

One such decision is the player Dub Music Player. This player software has a perfectly calibrated balance of sound, as a result, the playing music will provide you with the highest quality sound and the pure flow of electronic tunes (any tunes that go with card mobile phone is technically can be called electronic, right?).

Dub Music Player has a five-band equalizer that has several pre-finished units. They are sorted according to the music genre that you want to listen to in your player. There are presets for Rock or Hip-Hop, dance is preset and is for metal. There are also presets for Classical, minor or “Normal” music.

Of course, custom EQ gives you the ability to save individual settings for every sound mode. In addition, the player has a simple interface that has the ability to visualize the music that is playing at the moment. Also you can use this player to sort your music by albums, songs and playlists.

Download Dub Music Player for Android for free on our website.

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