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Cryptocurrency has been firmly grounded in the network: a number of major online stores, including eBay and Amazon, has agreed to accept bitcoins for payment. In connection with the latest news, developers from the Studio Noodlecake Studios Inc has decided to prepare relevant game Bitcoin Billionaire, where everyone can try yourself in earning cryptocurrency. Of course, all the earned money will not go out of the game, but what prevents you to dream a little?

Own businessbitcoin billionaire

The game begins with the fact that the user needs to customize your character and give it a name. Once the formalities were finished, you find yourself in a small and deserted room, where in addition to the Cabinet with the poster can only be found personal computer is the source of your earnings.

The first minutes of the game are short training. Because in front of us the clicker, learn the basics will not be easy: constant zaklikivanie computer, investment to increase every second the profit and other small but pleasant things that ensure stable earnings cryptocurrencies. The developers did a great job, because despite the pixel graphics, the application came out very colorful and clear, allowing you to understand the interface of the game even the most inexperienced users of mobile devices. However, what else can boast a casual game?

bitcoin billionaire

A distinctive feature of the clicker is a random event. From time to time the room will appear small quadrocopter with a box. Users need not only to catch the car, but also to spend a few seconds of precious time to open the parcel. It can be anything from a small bonus to a few thousand, if not millions, of bitcoins, which are automatically credited to your account after opening the box.

But no less interesting carried out, the advertising in the app. I think that there will be eternal banner ads and watching commercials? As it is not so! From time to time on the playing Inbox will receive e-mail, which serves to activate an advertising banner or video for 30 seconds, and in exchange you will be credited a certain amount of bitcoins. Ofcourse, the offer you can refuse, but the money is never superfluous.

The results

Bitcoin Billionaire is one of the few clickers, where a continuing interest in the project even after a few hours of the game. Random events, interesting system of investment and more support the hype for several days.

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