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Asphalt: Nitro – new product from Gameloft, which is very similar to the gameplay of the previous Overdrive. Sit down driving arcade car and go on an adventure together with thousands of other players. Brand new 3D graphics, made for a unique engine from Gameloft, but its weight is less than 100 megabytes.

Your choice will be several locations, a variety of tasks, system improvements vehicles, lots of obstacles and jumps, with which you can perform stunts and receive money, and most importantly, full version game Asphalt: Nitro, which will allow you to use all features of the app.

So now let’s look at game description more:

A new arcade racing game from developers Gameloft, the game is positioned as “light weight” version “Asphalt 8: airborne”, and light weight is an understatement! Because the game weighs only 15 MB and in graphic terms is almost the same as the eighth race.Download Asphalt Nitro

The game has many modes of races: classic race in a circle; knock-out – last the rider is given 20 seconds to overtake or to retire from the race; for fans of aggressive driving modes are “collision” and “persecution”.
The most pleasant moment in the game there is a multiplayer where you and up to four other players can play!

Gameplay part quite usual for racing and nothing special stands out: the control is realized by using the accelerometer – tilt the phone to turn, tap on the right side – the nitro in his left brake. The game has a lot of traplines and “flights” – the levels are made so that any mistake could throw you outside the track, once there you will have to wait a bit until you’re back on track.

The choice of machines, though not rich, but pleased with its quality – extremely stylish and fast machines, and even a few sports cars. System aprgreydov simple and straightforward: 4 option available, including nitro. The races get coins – spend them on new machines or improvements.

Download Asphalt Nitro

For each race you can buy 4 booster: improve nitro full nitro at the start, double points and +1 to all upgrades. All in the game you will find 11 tracks in different countries of the world. Locations themselves are constructed quite interesting: you can jump over huge chunks of the map using the ramps, thus risking to depart for the edge of the map and get a fine. In addition to the jumps quite interesting and “junction” is essentially a track is divided into 3-4 areas where you can go, with each zone differs from the other remembering them all, you can make other racers unpleasant surprises.

Though in the game and no destructible – relish bump into your opponent and bring him down for a while no one stops. And to you and not as brutally pushed off the track will have to collect scattered throughout the levels of the bottles of nitro.

Graphics and music
Don’t even know what to say – the developers obviously dropped in black magic: well, can not be so chic, but still incredibly optimized graphics in fifteen megabyte game! According to foreign sources: Gameloft experimenting with the new technology of compression of game data, and because the game requires a constant connection to the Internet – possibly additional files podruzhatsya right during the race.
The game has only one music track – but he and surprisingly fits perfectly into the roar of engines and the grinding of iron 🙂

Asphalt: Nitro is an excellent and incredibly dynamic of the race, despite the modest weight of the game pleases excellent graphics and study models. The gameplay will not get bored even for a second, relax also do not give 🙂 the Physics are far from realistic, but who needs real physics when you can jump off from a hundred meters, do a dozen flips and turns, and landing to scatter all opponents?

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