Download Asphalt 7: Heat

Popular racing game Asphalt needs no introduction. All and so perfectly know that it had presented the previous series.

In the seventh game, which this time has received the name of Asphalt 7: Heat and works with the Android operating system, things got even more interesting.

Before you open up opportunities, sixty-legendary cars, among which you can find not only the well-known race cars from the companies Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Ferrari, but also a gorgeous DeLorean.

Download Asphalt 7 Heat

Special pleasure the user will be able to get thanks to improved multiplayer mode where can play up to six players at a time. In this case, you will be able to choose the most interesting match and special events.

The developers made sure that players could at any time to view and compare their stats.

Download Asphalt 7

For these purposes implemented the new Asphalt Tracker. Using it you can compete with friends and share achievements. Through hard training and his talent racer, you will surely be able to occupy an honored place in the Pantheon of top players.

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