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Dolphin Browser for the moment – the champion on speed among other mobile web browsers. It downloaded and installed already tens of millions of users.

Despite the multiplicity and diversity of functions, it is intuitively easy to use. Moreover, personalized desktop can be completely tailored to your requirements.

And, of course, you will be able to demonstrate their originality and uniqueness by setting Wallpaper and desktop themes on your own taste. By the way, this browser largely encourages the expression of individuality of the user.

At any time pleasant to browse web pages provide Gestures Dolphin Browser and side panels, all the parameters and options you configure according to your preferences.Pinterest for android

But the most important is the ability to choose from two hundred web applications. Access you provides a new Web App store. Among them as the most popular ones (Facebook, Amazon, Wikipedia, Twitter and others) and less known but not less useful.

All the applications are easy to add to your home screen and make them available in one touch. In sharing mode with one touch you can generate web pages any manipulation in all applications.

For example, post to Twitter or Facebook, send by e-mail, download and save to Box or Evernote. It all depends, again what kind of apps you prefer and choose you and not your browser.

When viewing web pages, you do not need to switch between Windows. Using the tabs, you will do this simply at lightning speed. And this is the best in Dolphin. Because nothing is more annoying, as a browser-brake.

The application supports the Dolphin Connect sync history, downloads, bookmarks, passwords and lets you open tabs, and using the Android device, and via IOS and via the computer.

Information from phone to PC or Vice versa you can also send using Chrome, Firefox and Safari extensions on the browser. A great opportunity to share links with friends – WiFi broadcast.

Besides the already mentioned extensions to represent mobile browser supports more than 60 own add-ons, including search, Youtube, reader, screen capture, password Manager, bookmarks widget and many other useful.

Oh, and the last sequence, but not least, the browser is very beautiful and stylish interface, to improvements in which you can join.

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