Camera Awesome for android

Camera Awesome – an alternative camera application for Android-based smartphones. Initially, the program was released for iPhone and has become a great alternative to the standard camera application.

The program offers new opportunities to create mobile photo. The main part of the screen, as usual, took the preview frame. Down the shutter button and switch between still images and movies.

Near the virtual button is the mode switch. It can be from normal mode to switch to the Big Button (takes off after pressing on the display), the mode packet capturing or creating HDR photos. Photos taken in HDR mode, really feature extended, clear out and bright and dark areas of the frame.Camera Awesome

Among the tools offered by the camera, a quick adjustment of white balance, flash control, markup preview (rule of thirds, different versions of the Golden section, other reference points, allowing to build the frame). In the settings you can set the quality of photos and videos, enable save to photo GPS data, activate face detection. For owners of smartphones without a hardware camera button would be useful to be able to use instead of the volume button. There is a delayed descent, the interval for him you ask yourself.

Photos are stored on the memory card, but Camera Awesome is able to create backups in the cloud resources. I can directly from the program to publish on social networks and on mediahosting: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Picasa, Tumblr, and video on YouTube.

The Annex also has its own editor and photo viewer. With it, you can apply filters and frames, crop and rotate photos, and apply fine tuning to the image. The developers claim that the camera only works on recent devices from Samsung, Motorola, Sony, Kindle and Nexus. In reality, the list of devices on which the camera can be run, should be much wider.

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