Banana Kong for android

Banana Kong is an interesting game, about a huge gorilla. You will act in her role, she will run forward. Your role as a player to collect bananas and store energy. Energy can be used to destroy obstacles that will come across in your way. Moreover, all these obstacles will be of stone or other solid materials, so you will need every bit of energy.

Because to take it you can only from bananas. So try to collect as many as possible bananas. For this your gorilla knows how to plan on a sheet so you can collect them more. To plan, just swipe up.

Also she is able to jump or roll by the ground. You have to use all these controls to play the game efficiently. So get to know new methods of transmission.Banana Kong for android

Collect bananas along with fun Kong

The action takes place in the jungle, the pyramids of ancient civilizations. That looks very nice, so many players prefer this game. Since it is not demanding on system resources, you can safely begin downloading it to their mobile device. The quality of graphics and sound, is also at the highest level, so it’s important that you understand that the game is not cheap and looks very decent.

The results

As a result, Banana Kong is an excellent high quality game about adventures of a huge gorilla that runs around the jungle in search of new portions of bananas. Due to the fact that the game is very fun and dynamic, a huge number of users happy to play it every day.

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